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Steve Stern is proud to have been re-elected to serve his first full term as the New York State Assemblyman representing the 10th Assembly District. Elected to the Assembly in a special election in April 2018, Steve hit the ground running by passing an impressive 6 bills in his first 6 weeks, including laws to protect our precious groundwater, services for veterans and measures to protect children’s health. Steve also secured unprecedented funding for local schools and for law enforcement in the fights against the deadly opioid epidemic and MS-13.

Steve believes that reducing gun violence is one of the great moral issues of our time, and necessary to protect public safety. He is the proud co-sponsor of New York’s “Red Flag Law” which keeps guns out of the hands of those who should not have them and allows immediate intervention when individuals pose a risk to public safety.

With our Long Island environment facing unprecedented threats, Steve is working to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and our environment from the dangers of a rapidly changing climate. In his first legislative session, Steve co-sponsored and passed initiatives which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and incentivize renewable and sustainable energy; prohibit offshore drilling in our Long Island coastal waters; ban products containing  1,4 dioxane that contaminate our sole-source aquifer; and secure vital funding for clean water infrastructure to protect our water quality.

Steve Stern previously served six terms as Suffolk County Legislator representing the 16th District. In addition to representing our community with distinction and a commitment to providing outstanding constituent services, Steve has also authored several legislative initiatives that have been the first in New York State and even in the nation.

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As a husband, father, and caregiver, Steve understands well the challenges our families face every day. Growing up on Long Island, Steve’s dad worked two jobs to provide for his family, and his mom was one of the first women in his community to own a small business. Both instilled in Steve the ethic of hard work, responsibility and commitment to community. Steve lives in Dix Hills with his wife, Meredith, and their two children. 


Steve has led initiatives to protect youth services, strengthen opportunity, and ensure that Long Island remains a great place to live, work and raise our families. He works hard to ensure all of our young people have the opportunity to succeed and reach their fullest potential.

Steve Stern on the Issues Affecting Long Islanders

As our strong, local voice in Albany, I am working hard to protect our tax dollars, protect our waterways, protect the safety of our suburban streets and our quality of life. With your support on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th, I will continue to deliver for our Long Island families.

Public Safety

Keeping our families and neighborhoods safe is always my top priority. That’s why I:

  • Voted against bail reform, authored commonsense legislation to provide judges with the power to detain dangerous criminals in jail, and led the successful fight to add back numerous crimes that are again bail eligible.

  • Secured critical funding for our local law enforcement, including state-of-the-art technology for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office to assist in the prosecution of violent gangs and crack down on gun violence, as well as mobile license plate readers for the Suffolk County Police Department to apprehend dangerous criminals and keep our neighborhood streets safe.

  • Sponsored legislation to protect our children from dangerous sexual predators by empowering our local governments to restrict sex offenders from residing in our communities.

Combatting Gun Violence

Gun violence continues to rob us of too many lives throughout New York State. This is the moral issue of our time and the time for action is now. That’s why I took historic action to protect the lives of New Yorkers from gun violence by:

  • Strengthening New York State’s “Red Flag” Law to prevent those who pose a major threat to others from purchasing or possessing guns.

  • Banning the sale and possession of ghost guns, untraceable firearms used in a growing number of violent crimes.

  • Co-sponsoring and passing legislation prohibiting the purchase of a weapon by anyone with an outstanding arrest warrant for a serious offense and authorizing courts to seize guns possessed by perpetrators of domestic violence.

  • Raising the minimum age to purchase semiautomatic weapons from 18 to 21 and implementing more extensive training requirements and background checks to help keep all of us safe.

School Funding

As a parent and a neighbor, I know that our local schools are the pride of our community. That’s why I led the fight for record education funding, including vital investments for Pre-K, mental health and special needs, to ensure all of our children have every opportunity to succeed.

School Safety

Our children also deserve to feel safe in school. No child should ever be huddled under a desk texting a terrified and helpless parent as gunshots fly in their classroom. That’s why I am working hard to keep guns out of the wrong hands and deliver vital funding to strengthen school security to help keep our children and teachers safe.

Taxes and Affordability

We are all feeling the impact of taxes and inflation at the pump, at the supermarket, or as small business owners. I know these challenges affect our daily lives. That’s why I have been working hard to deliver real meaningful relief for our community including:

  • Accelerating middle-class tax cuts, delivering the lowest rate in the last 70 years.

  • Making the New York State property tax cap permanent.

  • Securing a property tax rebate credit for STAR and Enhanced STAR taxpayers.

  • Suspending the State Gas Sales Tax to reduce prices at the pump.

  • Expanding the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit.

  • Delivering record support for local small businesses and expanding small business tax cuts to promote economic development on Long Island.


Our Long Island environment is facing unprecedented threats. That’s why I have been working hard to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and our precious environment now and for generations to come. As our Assemblyman, I’ve:

  • Passed the $4 Billion Environmental Bond Act to address climate change, protect our vulnerable coastal communities and create the good-paying green jobs of the future.

  • Supported the Clean Water Infrastructure Act to replace antiquated and dilapidated water systems.

  • Secured historic funding for sewer infrastructure in Huntington Station, to protect our sole-source aquifer and grow our local economy.

  • Co-sponsored and passed legislation to ensure the safety of our drinking water in schools to protect our children from lead poisoning.


As a member of the Assembly Committee on Aging, I am working hard to protect the safety and quality of life of our older neighbors by:


  • Co-sponsoring and passing legislation to substantially improve in-home and residential long- term care services throughout New York State.

  • Co-sponsoring legislation to help lower the costs of prescription drugs for seniors.

  • Co-sponsoring legislation to implement a property tax freeze for taxpayers over the age of 65.

  • Co-sponsoring legislation to provide a tax credit to family caregivers to give them the support they need to care for their loved ones and maintain their quality of life.


As a member of the Assembly Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, it is my privilege to work with and for the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much to protect our great nation. I will continue to work and ensure that our veterans receive the recognition, support and services that they have earned.

  • Co-sponsored and passed legislation to enhance mental health and suicide prevention for all of our veterans, including funding to expand the Joseph Dwyer peer-to-peer support program.

  • Sponsored and passed legislation creating a Veterans Employment Task Force to help veterans find and maintain good-paying jobs.

  • Co-Sponsored and passed legislation to expand the Military Enhanced Recognition, Incentive and Tribute (MERIT) Scholarship for all Gold Star Families.

  • Introduced legislation to implement a veteran’s navigator program to make access to healthcare easier for those that need assistance.

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